About Us

SM Properties is a platform powered by Binance Smart Chain. It's created to bring real-world assets on Blockchain. We make value from real estate tokenomics, flipping properties over tangible concepts.



Accept the Cryptocurrency For Real-estate Transactions-


Stake SMPROPERTIES token to generate many rewards.

Asset Tokens

All the asset token purchases are paid in SMPROPERTIES official Token.


We provide investors with an intelligent way to invest in tokenized properties. Investing with us means less-maintenance property transfers, access to cash flows, and more.


A Digital all-in-one Platform for Frictionless Real-estate investment-



Investing in tokenized assets is legal. Besides, it provides more security compared to traditional payment protocols.


Real Estate

SM Properties tokenized assets allow trading shares and real estate on Binance smart chain.


Earn Profit

Real estate cash flow and rental income from tokenized properties are provided to investors. All the property traders will be rewarded every month in form of cryptos.


Get the real-world properties on Blockchain by our asset Tokenization.


Easy Fundraising Options

An easy and simple way for raising funds for any cause that allows the user to raise funds as soon as the account is activated.


Networking With Like-minded

The platform enables the people with like minds to gather on a single site and help each other.


User-friendly Interface

A graphical user interface further act as a catalyst for making the site more effective and beneficial.


Smart real-estate suit

Buy/sell/invest in properties smartly with our tokenization ecosystem .

Contract Address

Get the real-world properties on Blockchain by our asset Tokenization.


We're revolutionizing the Real-estate world by applying smart contracts.

Tokenized real estate

Tokenization brings a liquid asset class kind of real estate. Every property has its tokens that can buy and sell on-chain.

Grow your investments

SM Tokens are collateralized by real estate assets. This allows property investors generate benefits from real estate over time.

Cash Flow

Property cash flow and rental profits are sent to token holders in their BSC wallets.

Smart-contract integration

Whether you're buying or selling real-estate cryptos, smart contracts make the process seamless.

Tokenization for real-estate transactions

Whether it's for mortgage payments, rent, or buying properties, you can use SM cryptos.

One-click Transactions

The profit delivers into your wallet. There are no delays in making the payment belong to the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The SM PROPERTIES supports three core elements:-

We integrate smart contracts to make quick transactions as needed. It has made the system comply with the jurisdiction.

Listing Platform

We provide a platform to list the properties for rent or sale. This will distribute listing to many real-estate sites all around the world.

Sm Properties Tokens

The payments are accepted with any major cryptocurrency. The user has the choice to get payments in SM tokens or the same tokens.

Platform smproperties does not have a Manager. There are the creators of the Smart contract who works in the Binance blockchain. This means that the platform is fully decentralized (i.e. it has no leaders or admins).

Smart contract – the algorithm inside the blockchain cryptocurrencies. In our case that Binance is number one among the those on which it is possible to create smart contract. The main purpose of such contracts is the automation of the relationship, the opportunity to make commitments samospalenie.

It is a system in which there are no admins, there is no single server or system monitoring, project management. The creators of the platform are the same project participants like you.